<strong>Bulk wine from Argentina is present at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition</strong>

Every year, the WBWE brings together some of the most distinguished professionals to discuss the trends that represent the present and the future of our industry.

Sustainability, creativity, design, new technologies, alternative packaging methods, new consumers and the great business opportunities of private labels are the trending topics of discussion for both wineries and bulk wine buyers.

In this 14th edition,the main topic revolves around the Bulk Wine Revolution in the world, addressing various topics such as “the revolution of canned wine”, “opportunities for bulk in markets that ask for dealcoholized wine ”, “online market for bulk wines”, among other current events.

The Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber member companies that will be present are: Araujo Winery, Héctor Meli SRL,Los Clop Winery, Familia Carbonero Winery (Don Cayetano SA) Fecovita LTDA, Fraccionadora San Juan SA, Galeano & Antonacci SA, Juviar SA, Kineta SA, Lost Valley SA, Sul Mineira SA and Sin Fin Winery (Viñas del Sol SRL).

Expectations of Argentina in the 14th WBWE

After the travel brake generated by the Covid 19 pandemic, this new face-to-face fair (also held last year) reopens business expectations and international contacts for Argentine bulk.

Javier Guiroy from Lost Valley emphasized the interest of companies in new businesses, but also in training on world trends in the sale of bulk wine. “The fair will be very interesting for two main reasons. Firstly, to reaffirm old relationships and design the continuity of projects and secondly,the talks related to the future of canned wine will be interesting to participate in”, he pointed out.

For his part, director of Sul Mineira and president of the Argentine Bulk Wine ChamberJosé Bartolucci,emphasized that the main expectation is “to continue learning from the world market for bulk wines, to continue presenting our varietal wines and reaffirming the qualities we have.” .

The activities will focus on making new contacts and looking for new markets, interviews with regular customers who already know about our work and our wines, and the search for strategic business alliances to continue growing in this modality where Argentina has a long way to go. “We have participated in the 13 previous editions of this fair, and we know that participating in a fair is to continue investing to improve the future,” said Bartolucci.

For their promotion at the fair,the companies associated with the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber are taking “Argentina Bulk Wine Online portal” (www.bulkwine.org.ar), a virtual tool to buy and sell bulk wines, unique in its kind, developed with the purpose of making a “match” between Argentine bulk wine importers and manufacturers.

Malbec, organic and high quality varietals

Juan Carlos Caselles from Bodega Sin Fin, whose bulk wine exports focus on varietals, anticipated that the products we are making and bringing to the fair are entirely high-end wines of the Malbec varietal, an Argentine emblem, in four different categories representing four different terroirs.

Milagros Pérez Herranz from Juviar reaffirmed the trend: “our flagship product is Malbec, supported by significant production of the variety on our vines, as well as other medium-high quality varietals, such as Bonarda, Syrah, Merlot and Torrontés.”

Sebastián Librici from Bodega Araujo, a company that has participated in the fair for three consecutive years, will strengthen its commitment to bulk organic wines. “Thinking about our future, due to the work we are doing on our vines and beyond the low volumes available, we consider it essential to be able to position ourselves as constant suppliers of organic wines. The premise is always to learn and to know in depth about this Market of which we already are part of”.

 With its 2022 harvest Bodega Araujo has received the organic certification for all the wines produced in its vineyards. Additionally, they were certified as a B Corp.

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