Argentine bulk wine will be present at ProWein 2023

ProWein is the most important wine fair in the world and this year it will take place in Düsseldorf, between March 19 and 21. Argentine bulk wines will be promoted by the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber and four associated companies, which will be present within the WofA pavilion.

Other companies associated with the Chamber will also go on their own with their own stands, representing bulk wine from different Argentine areas.

“We will have a stand representing the Argentine Bulk Wine Chambers located inside the Wines of Argentina pavilion, thanks to ProMendoza and the four partners who also supported this idea. The stand of the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber will be made up of two private spaces, which total an area of 18m2, forming the Argentine Bulk Wine .

Chamber sector”Juan Manuel Palomo, Manager of the Chamber explained
As it can be seen in the following image the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber stand location is:
HALL 13, Sector A68, Booth 44:

Location of the stand.

Link to location within the ProWein property: Link

The partners that will be present at the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber stand at ProWein are:
● Amadeo Marañón S.A.
● Galeano Antonacci G&A S.A.
● Juviar S.A.
● Kineta S.A.

René Alarcón, Managing Director of Juviar, will take his bulk wines to ProWein where he hopes to establish contact with new clients, while strengthening relationships with importers with whom we have been working for many years.
“We seek to reaffirm an international presence in line with our vocation as exporters, ProWine is by far the most important fair for wine globally, where a very high percentage of the players in this industry attend and there we want to publicize the current state of our wine offer and give structure to our program and sales strategy for the season”

Regarding the current season for bulk wine, Alarcón remarked that the current harvest presents several challenges, “mainly to be able to maintain a competitive offer of our wines,so as to continue supplying our customers in a stable manner and at reasonable prices.”

We are aware that losses are forecasted due to frost and recent weather conditions, as a result, the amount of wine available could decrease. “Therefore, keeping our clients with a sufficient offer and at a good price will be the biggest task,” he said.

Kineta, another company that will accompany the Chamber in this edition of the ProWein Fair, has a tradition in the production of grape juices, to which a new wine division has recently been added and will be presented in different markets and with Very good results.

Enrique Verazay, spokesman for the company, indicated that Kineta is participating in Prowein 2023 “with great desire and expectations to continue building ties in different parts of the world.”
Argentina, in recent years, has been struggling to get a better place in the world bulk concert. “The path is not short, but continuity and commercial respect is showing us that we are on the right path. We believe that the export potential that Argentina has is based on quality and strength of volume,” Verazay pointed out.

He also indicated that climate problems, not only in Argentina, but in other parts of the world, have made production very complicated. “The inclement weather in different parts of the world has been making the task not so easy, but I am optimistic that it is possible to continue producing wine as required,” he assured.

Although this year’s Argentine harvest could be below average,causing an increase in prices of bulk wines, Bodega Amadeo Marañón’s objective is to meet with clients in person, to reaffirm ties and long-term relationships.

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