Torrontés, an enchanting and irresistible white

After the Chardonnay,  Torrontés is the second most exported variety of white wines from Argentina.

Since 2019, the main markets that buy Torrontés in bulk from Argentina are: Rep.Czech and Sweden that have made just over half of the volume, followed by Denmark and Canada which add up to 30% more. While those that buy it in the fractional modality are: Brazil and the United Kingdom, with a participation close to 40% of the volume in almost equal proportion, followed by the United States,Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Russia that represent another 30%.

A value for money wine

It is interesting to analyze the average export prices of Argentine Torrontés wine, since in recent years the average price in the fractional modality has slightly been decreasing  while in the bulk modality the increase has been taking place to around 20% on average.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, currently the average price of bulk Torrontés is almost a fifth of the average price of what is sold fractionally, which can be of great interest to buyers of white wines in the form of bulk in order to expand its commercial base. Brazil is the exception as the imports of bulk wines are  prohibited and only wines in bottles,tetra-brick or bag-in-box up to 5 liters can be imported.

The latest report from the National Institute of Viticulture  (INV) indicates that bulk shipments stand out with respect to the fractional ones. In recent years bulk shipments have been increasing and in 2020 exceeded fractional shipments. 64% of the total varietal wines exported in 2020 and produced with the TORRONTÉS variety was in bulk, 310% higher than what was exported in 2010.

FOB value increased by 151% in the same period.

Torrontés, the white wine with an Argentine stamp

For those who do not know it, Torrontés is a variety of  cultivated aromatic white grapes that

produces a dry wine with a distinctive Muscatel flavor and an explosion of floral and

sweet aromas. Although there are three varieties, those from Mendoza and San Juan, with more aptitudes for consumption in fresh, and the one from La  Rioja, which is the most cultivated and the one that expresses the best qualities for the elaboration of fine wines, very fruity and dry at the same time, highlighting those from the Valley of Cafayate IG

(jump) A variety born from a mix between Moscato de Alejandría and Criolla Chica, only

cultivated in Argentina and today it represents almost 5% of the cultivated area of ​​the country with vines for vinification.

Torrontés is a light yellow wine that occasionally develops golden and green hues. It is

characterized by its aroma of flowers such as rose, jasmine and geranium, with occasional appearance of spicy effluvia. Although its aromas anticipate a sweet wine, its flavor reveals a fresh acidity.

It is an excellent companion to fish and shellfish, as well as to the regional cuisine of the Argentine Northwest, especially the empanadas and the typical locro. It also pairs very well with spicy and well seasoned food such as Thai, Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

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